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2010 D 1c Lincoln Cent NGC Gem Unc Lyndall Bass Signed Flag Label

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The 2010 Lincoln cent is a key coin for any modern day collector. In 2010 the penny received a new reverse designed by Lyndall Bass. The reverse features a union shield with 13 stripes on the shield representing the states that joined in one compact union to support the Federal government, represented by the horizontal bar above.

The Union Shield dates back to the 1780?s and was used widely during the Civil War. The shield includes thirteen vertical stripes joined by an upper horizontal bar representing the thirteen original states joined together in a single compact union. Though the first modern Union Shield Cents began appearing in circulation in mid-January 2010, the official launch wasn't celebrated until a few weeks later, one day before the 201st anniversary of Lincoln's birth.

Intended to be the permanent replacement for the Lincoln Memorial Cent, the modern design preserves the familiar Lincoln bust in exquisite detail, restored from the original Victor D. Brenner portrait. Promising to be a long-running series, this inaugural issue, hand-signed by its designer Lyndall Bass, offers collectors an unusual low population opportunity.

This coin is cased by NGC and is not graded but designated as an uncirculated coin. Signed by the designer of the reverse Lyndall Bass.

Year of Issue 2010
Certification NGC
Mintmark D - Denver
Label Lyndall Bass Flag Label
Denomination $0.01
Composition .025 copper, balance zinc
Diameter 0.75" (19.05mm)
Weight 0.0804 troy oz (2.5 grams)
Thickness 0.0598" (1.52mm)

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