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2021 $20 Cook Islands 3oz .999 Silver Steampunk Jet Pack Ultra High Relief Antique Finish Gilded OGP & COA

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Steampunk has become a cultural phenomenon. Loosely defined as combining Victorian age mechanical technology with modern applications, it's unique look has influenced everything from novels, film, and fashion. CIT pays homage to this science fiction subculture with its new Steampunk series.

The second issue of the Steampunk series is dedicated to the jet pack. French author, Jules Verne, is probably the most famous point of reference for steampunk culture and is said to have been the first to invent the concept of the jet pack in his 1886 novel Robur the Conqueror. Since then, the jet pack has become standard prop of the science fiction genre. Like its predecessor, this newest release astounds with extensive detail, surreal elements, and hidden allusions to the work of Jules Verne. Good luck finding all three!

Struck by Germany's Mayer Mint using CIT's Smartminting© technology and released on behalf of the Cook Islands as legal tender, this coin has a face value of $20. Each coin was struck with an impressive Ultra High Relief in an antique finish from three full ounces of highly pure .999 fine silver. In addition, the coin features highlights that were applied by means of exquisite gilding creating an enhanced look that pays tribute to the striking contrast elements that are characteristic of Steampunk.

The reverse design features a scene best described as a futuristic train station with various means of transportation designed in steampunk style. The foreground is dominated by a man depicted from behind wearing a jet pack and looking onward at a locomotive in the station. Both the jet pack and the front of the locomotive are highlighted by gilding, contrasting them from the antique finish of the rest of the coin. The jet pack is inscribed with the year "2021."

The obverse side of the coin depicts a circular construction of various gearwheels in true steampunk fashion. Off-centered is another circular area with the portrait of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Around it is her title, the name of the country the coin was issued, and the denomination of the coin. To the right, along the edge is a broad ribbon with the series name, "STEAMPUNK."

Each coin will arrive housed in an acrylic holder in its original mint packaging with the Certificate of Authenticity. In addition, this 2021 Cook Islands 3oz Silver Steampunk Jet Pack has been limited to a worldwide low mintage of just 888 pieces!

Year of Issue 2021
Composition .999 silver

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