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(2024) 1oz Silver Matte Finish U.S. Army Medal PCGS MS70 First Day of Issue Damstra Signed Mint Designer Series

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Embrace the rich heritage and enduring legacy of the United States Army with our meticulously crafted commemorative coin. On the obverse, witness a captivating tableau that seamlessly bridges the past and present, portraying Continental and modern soldiers standing resolutely "at the ready," armed with the distinctive weapons of their respective eras. This powerful imagery symbolizes the unbroken lineage of the U.S. Army since its inception, embodying its unwavering commitment to safeguarding our nation. Gracing the scene are the poignant inscriptions "UNITED STATES ARMY" and "SINCE 1775," serving as poignant reminders of the Army's profound historical roots.

The artistic prowess behind this evocative design comes from the talented hands of Lucas Durham, an esteemed Artistic Infusion Program Designer, while the intricate sculpting is expertly realized by Craig A. Campbell, a distinguished United States Mint Medallic Artist.

On the reverse, delve into a captivating narrative that honors the Army's core values against the backdrop of the iconic U.S. Army flag, fluttering proudly in the wind. Seven timeless principles— "LOYALTY," "DUTY," "RESPECT," "SELFLESS SERVICE," "HONOR," "INTEGRITY," and "PERSONAL COURAGE"— stand as pillars of the Army's ethos, depicted alongside the flag and its spirited streamers, each bearing the distinguished markings of pivotal battles throughout history. From the hallowed grounds of APPOMATTOX 1865 to the revolutionary spirit of LEXINGTON 1775, every streamer carries the weight of sacrifice and triumph. Notably, the inclusion of battles like TET COUNTEROFFENSIVE 1968 and LUZON 1944 - 1945 serves as poignant reminders of the Army's resilience and valor across generations.

This stirring reverse design is the masterwork of Emily Damstra, a visionary Artistic Infusion Program Designer, brought to life through the skillful craftsmanship of Renata Gordon, a revered United States Mint Medallic Artist.

With every detail meticulously crafted, our commemorative coin stands as a testament to the enduring spirit and noble legacy of the United States Army, honoring its past sacrifices and steadfast dedication to defending our cherished freedoms.

This remarkable medal is graded in perfect-strike MS70 by PCGS and slabbed with the exclusive Damstra Flag label bearing the hand signature of designer Emily Damstra.

Year of Issue 2024
Strike Type Matte, Mint State
Certification PCGS
Grade MS70
Label Damstra Flag Label
Pedigree First Day of Issue
Composition .999 silver
Diameter 1.598 in (40.6 mm)
Edge Plain
Weight 1.000 troy oz (31.103 grams)

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