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Ancient Coins

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The term ancients refers to coins struck in the Western world from about 650 B.C. to 480 A.D. These coins are nothing short of numismatic and cultural treasures, comprising the most important historical figures and iconic imagery from Greece, Rome and the Byzantine Empire. Ancient coins have long enjoyed a strong collector base in Europe and abroad, and stateside collectors have just begun to catch on to this trend. Ancient coins are handmade works of art, and each one is unique.

Unlike modern coinage that is produced from machines, every part of the process involved in producing ancient gold, silver, and bronze coins is done by hand. As a result, no two ancient coins are the same even if minted using the same dies. The blank—or flan—was produced by hand pouring molten metal into molds. These were designed to be within a certain weight range but the process did not always result in similar shaped flans.

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