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c. 440-404 BC Attica, Athens Owl Silver Tetradrachm NGC Ch AU Star with Wood Case and Ancient Coin Book

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The Athenian owl coin is a prolific coin in history for multiple reasons. The first being the Owl coin is the origin of the phrase “heads or tails”, as this was the very first coin to have a head on the obverse, and a tail on the reverse, birthing a term we still use 2,400 years later. The Owl has also had its hand in our US Coinage. Teddy Roosevelt was known to carry an Athenian Owl in his pocket. Roosevelt was inspired by the coin and commission Augustus St. Gaudens to redesign US Coinage to have a Greek-like design. 

More Information
Year of Issue 440-404 BC
Certification NGC
Grade Ch AU Star
Label NGC Ancients
Denomination Tetradrachm
NGC Authorized dealer
PCGS Authorized dealer
ANA member
NACA member
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